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Meg played guitar and provided back-up vocals while Dia sang.

A year later, they released their second album, Something Real, their first album released under Doghouse Records. Records in 2007 and released Here, here and here in 2009 via Sire Records.

My dad was a DJ in his early twenties so he had quite an extensive record collection that I listened to occasionally.

After I experienced my first heartbreak and I thought the world was going to end, the natural way to console my tattered heart was to write a song.

The songs "Indiana", "Masterpiece", and "Nineteen Stars" were rerecorded with a full band, while parts of "Timmy" were incorporated into the song "Roses".The band continued touring and played alongside Anberlin, Jonezetta, and Bayside on a national tour in early 2007, and with Say Anything and Saves The Day in Spring 2007.On February 19, 2007 it was confirmed that Meg & Dia signed a deal with Warner Bros. The song "Roses" was featured on the TMNT movie soundtrack. Meg & Dia made its first United Kingdom appearance at the annual Give It A Name festival in 2008.In January 2006 Meg and Dia recorded a second album, Something Real, with producer Stacy Jones of American Hi-Fi and Bill Leffler.As a teaser for the album, Meg & Dia released an EP titled What Is It?

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