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Amanda raffaele still dating

It is believed they are living together in an apartment Miss Knox has rented in Seattle's Chinatown.Last month the Italian court that overturned her conviction released its reasoning for doing so, saying the American undergraduate had been unfairly demonised for her sometimes eccentric and provocative behaviour in the days after the murder, which included buying sexy lingerie with Mr Sollecito and doing cartwheels in a police station in Perugia.But it's not easy." Mr Sollecito, 27, is planning to resume his computer science studies at the University of Verona, his father said.

"After four years in jail, my son is slowly returning to a normal life.The former lovers were convicted of the sexual assault and murder of the Leeds University student at the end of a year-long trial in 2009.Miss Knox was sentenced to 26 years in jail while Mr Sollecito received the slightly lesser sentence of 25 years.Later, the European Human Rights Court ordered the country to compensate Amanda with ,000 for not guiding her with American proper legal aid and a translator during her legal battle against the conviction.After the release, she started her freelance writing career and also worked with the Innocence Project.

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However, Rudy is still serving his 16 years of prison service.