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Amber dating 3 men

At the very end of the episode, following a period of cardiac arrest induced by Alzheimer's medication, it is revealed that Amber was the patient he had seen dying.House had been drunk at a bar and called Wilson to pick him up, but Amber was the one who answered the call and followed him onto the bus.However, she was saved for another week when House realized that Cuddy had given her thong to Cole in an attempt to influence his choices. However, when the endgame came up in Games, House decided that Amber had to be the last to be fired.Although he admired Amber's ambition and her ability to play the game, her "win at all costs" attitude wasn't compatible with the job; House said that when one works for him, one had to be able to lose.Amber's ambitious personality was easily seen by the mirror patient in Mirror Mirror when he commented that he (as her) was always right and had to be.Amber tried to laugh it off, but was taken aback when he added "If they don't like you, you gotta be right -- or you're not worth anything." Like the rest of the applicants, she was saved when House decided not to fire anyone so everyone would lose their bets on the pool Chase was running to see who would be fired next. Amber wasn’t much help in Whatever It Takes, and survived because Travis Brennan deliberately poisoned the patient in order to fake a disorder then fake a cure so he could get funding to test a theory.Louis, Missouri; one of the top medical schools in the United States.She would have also completed a residency in radiology - the use of radiological imaging in the treatment of disease, then a fellowship in interventional radiology.

The cause is revealed to be amantadine poisoning, as her kidneys were destroyed by the crash and she was unable to process the medication she was taking for the flu - amantadine was left to circulate in her system for more than a day, damaging all major organs, and making her ineligible for transplantation in the process.

However, Wilson settles into Amber’s apartment and it appears the relationship is going to be permanent.

Main article Amber (case history) In House's Head, House is tormented by broken memories after a bus crash where he saw symptoms of an unknown disease.

However, she returned fifteen minutes later to rejoin Cole and took the car to a car wash.

She aggressively made suggestions and even broke the rules to keep medical records on the patient on her PDA for easy referral.

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However, House saw through the deception because Cuddy’s bra that day didn’t match.