Bf3stats not updating

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Bf3stats not updating

The fan speeds are correct under Hardware Health EDIT: I just noticed that EVGA ELEET doesn't show the 2nd CPU fan speed either, but hwmonitor does read the fan PWM percents for both CPU fans. so i was playing and at 1 i turned off my xbox to see if i could get close quarters but it didnt let me.this has been keeping me from using my SR-2 as my main rig. If thats just the way it is thats okay but is there anything i can do to improve on the post time? and now my machine is totally freezing after running BOINC or [email protected] for 10 minutes… It shuts right off if I tap the power button Also, CPU speed on the Post display does not change. With the A53 BIOS you can set either CPU fan type, but now AIDA 64 won't display the second CPU fan speed.and thanks for this update, most of us have been waiting on it for a long time. i cannot see keeps on showing me the original frequency of my cpus and i already flashed it three times and two different positions of the bios switch. Final Wire is working on it, but they say that the A53 BIOS does not expose all the sensor values anymore.

* All action commands can be called via the database now.

* Fixed move command, now sends player to Team Swap once they have died. Changes * Optimized calling of list Players to a maximum of only once every 5 seconds or on call from a move command. * Added update of admin list/teamswap list if a player isn't on it and trying a command.

Changes * Fixed bugs in command logging interface and command setting initialization. * Gave plugin control over table creation if not setup beforehand.

Changes * Add a report ID to reports, so admins can act on reports directly.

* Add a thank you for reporting when a report gets acted on.

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Changes * Added editable in-game commands for forgive/punish. Changes * Refactor record creation to increase speed.

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