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Bluetooth dating dubai

University of Bath psychologist Linda Blair said the practice of toothing is down to the human need to take risks: "I think we protect ourselves too much in modern society, and risk is a human need. In some ways this is a tame way of picking people up, it's almost a natural follow up from randomly picking people's names out of the phone book. As long as that's there and it's legal, then people should be able to do what they want." University of Amsterdam sociologist Albert Benschop researched the hoax.

Byron said he had to write "Penthouse-letters-page style sexual adventure stories" for articles and interviews with the media.

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The couple said: "It's like going into a crowded nightclub, throwing a brick at the dance floor with a love letter attached, and hoping that the person it hits will agree to sleep with you." When announcing the hoax, Curran and Byron reassured that toothing was nothing more than a practical joke gone too far and despite all the articles in newspapers and tabloids, "no one has ever ever, ever toothed." Shanna Petersen, a sexologist, disagreed with the hoaxers' statement that no-one has ever toothed: "It's simple, doesn't take a lot of guts and rejection is nowhere as personal. Show people a new way through which they have a chance to have more sex and they'll do it.