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Compiz title bar not updating

There's nothing quite like a rotating cube to catch everybody's attention.

Of course, Compiz isn't just about the "wow" factor. When properly installed and configured it can rival the best and bring your Xfce desktop on par with more recent desktops such as Cinnamon.

It's called "undecorating" and I'm guessing you undecorated windows inadvertantly. They're responsible for all your windows decoration including the title bar and borders.

In addition, they may add some special effects when you're moving, resizing, minimizing windows. Metacity is the default windows manager in GNOME based Linux systems (Typically but not not always).

When a developer fixes a bug or writes new features, the source code is modified and all packages which are related to it become available under a new version.

It is therefore futile and sometimes dangerous to apply some package updates and not others within the same source package.

Sometimes it happens that the window decorator is not loaded properly with compiz enabled.

At the bottom of the screen, the Mesa update contains 18 packages, some of which are known to break your system if you were to apply them individually.So, you may want to give this command for a quick shot to see it solves the problem. metacity --replace Thanks for the suggestions in this forum. I'm not sure what caused it for me, but I think it happened after I tried to use a dual monitor setup - but I have no way of being certain.Linux Mint 17.1 is a long term support release which will be supported until 2019.You can make it use metacity (If you'd prefer that, let me know) instead by default but you'll probably like compiz better. Look for a "window decorations" and make sure it is checked. The last time I had this kind of problem was because I was mixing the "Desktop Effect" that came out of the box from Fedora with the one I installed from external repo.Try this: su -c 'yum install ccsm' It'll ask for your root password. If it is Compiz-fusion then are you following Leigh's compiz installation guide The first thing it does is removing the compiz that come with Fedora.

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One more thing, "Emerald" is the default window decorator for Compiz-fusion.

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