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Consolidating college loans sallie mae

If you have a question for the Sherpa, feel free to ask us!Katie writes: I am a co-signer of my daughter’s student loans that we took out about a decade ago (she has a Ph D now, at least), and originally they were Sallie Mae. We had always assumed they were eligible for forgiveness for working in certain sectors — public loan forgiveness, I guess it is called, but now we are told Navient loans are private and therefore not eligible.The problem with the program is that it isn’t a borrower right under the student loan contract, which means that Navient can approve or deny you for the program that their sole discretion.There is no method in place to turn a private loan into a federal loan.For an explanation of our Advertising Policy, visit this page.?It’s estimated that over 1.4 million borrowers have private student loan debt, with an outstanding balance of over 0 billion in loans.For borrowers, that means no income-based repayment plans or student loan forgiveness.

The tricky part about this loan question is that loans with Sallie Mae loans or Navient doesn’t really tell us much.

What makes things complicated is that both these companies have handled federal student loan servicing, as well as private loans.

The only way to know the status of your loans for certain is to visit the Department of Education’s Federal Student Loan Database.

A couple years ago, Sallie Mae split off into two companies.

Some of the loans stayed with Sallie Mae, while others went to Navient.

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