Dara and g dragon dating 2016

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Dara and g dragon dating 2016

When the video first went viral, rumors and speculations began to spread like wildfire and it became the top trending news on several news sites like Allkpop.Sadly though, YG crushed all hopes of "Daragon" in a statement saying, "Sandara Park and G-Dragon purposely had their shots taken in that pose as suggested by the former and was meant as a joke. Regardless, fans are still free to hope that G-Dragon and Sandara will end up together in the future.Seungri is also the one who often accidentally speak that GD and Dara have “something” between them.33.Actually, these stories about Dara and GD just appear sometimes, and some other times they don’t. She looks like Ahn Sohee, the cutest member of Wonder Girls, though.Sandara Park have 2 siblings, her sister Doorami Park and Sang Hyun Park aka Thunder of MBLAQ. Then, people deduced that he came just to bring the food for Dara.35.GD smiled when he watched Dara’s Family Outing at the scene where Dara broke a heart-shaped wood with a hammer, represented GD’s album title Heartbreaker.

Just like with 2NE1's disbandment and Nam Tae Hyun's departure from WINNER, YG is once again breaking several hearts as they deny the dating rumors surrounding BIGBANG's G-Dragon and Sandara Park, a former member of 2NE1.

This rumor all began with a joke and also, the two did not kiss." It was also revealed by Soompi that several YG Entertainment artists had attended BIGBANG's concert in Seoul in support of the boy group as it may just be their final concert together as a complete group before rapper T. Remember back in 2011 when Dara admitted in an interview that G-Dragon is his ideal man after he helped carry her gear when she was struggling during a ski trip shared by the YG artists? | AM EDT After bagging accolades from the Teen Choice Awards held earlier this month, K-pop superstar BTS has once again made K-pop fans proud with their latest achievement.

On August 27 (August 26 in the US), the phenomenal boy band received the Best Group and Best K-pop Awards during the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards.

G-Dragon and Sandara Park have known each other for almost a decade now and everyone knows how close they are as friends.

However, that is definitely not stopping fans from 'shipping' the two k-pop idols and wanting them to date in real life, dubbing them as "Daragon." So understandably, when a video of G-Dragon supposedly kissing Sandara Park and protecting her from the throngs of fans after BIGBANG's concert in Seoul went viral online, it had ignited a hope in the hearts of fans that the two may in fact be dating in real life and that "Daragon" is not just a product of their fantasies.

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Everyone could see his smile was more than an ordinary smile…36.