Dating a colt trooper mkiii

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Dating a colt trooper mkiii

Colt offered the Trooper with a choice of any combination of Target hammer, Target grips, Service hammer or Service grips.TROOPER WITH SERVICE GRIPS AND HAMMER The Colt's of the early 1950's were fitted with the first type of Colt Accro rear sight.By the later 1950's, Colt changed the design of the Accro sight slightly.The new sight had a raised "hump" on the rear of the sight leaf to allow for more elevation adjustment and the elevation screw design was changed.The Trooper .38 and .357 serial numbers were shared with the .38 Officer’s Model Match and the 357 model.

The Trooper sold well, but the 357 sales were less than expected due to the introduction in 1955 of the super-premium Python.

THE COLT TROOPER "E&I" FRAMES In the early 1950's Colt began to update their product line with upgraded revolvers.

Colt realized that the gun buyer now wanted double action revolvers to have adjustable sights so they offered two new models with the desired feature. The Trooper was intended to be sold to law enforcement and civilians wanting a less expensive adjustable sighted revolver, with the 357 model for sale to those wanting the .357 Magnum cartridge or wanting a higher quality revolver.

The front sight was composed of a large ramp base with a grooved ramp sight blade.

From introduction in 1953 the Trooper used the new Colt Target grip design.

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These early sights had the front end of the sight leaf rounded off.

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