Dating electro harmonix pedals

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Dating electro harmonix pedals

1967/68 The company was founded by Mike Matthews in NYC.

The Axis fuzz pedal (Guild Guitar Company) Foxey Lady Pedal (Guild Guitar Company) 1969 LPB-1 Linear Power Booster.

Or blend both with a modulation effect like an Electric Mistress and one may filter the modulation frequencies differently than the other.

You may even find that two different V1 circuits sound the same through one amp, but different through another amp. Two V1s, each with a different circuit variant inside, may sound nearly identical when both tone knobs set the at , for example.

So a pot stamped 1377615 was made in the 15th week of 1976.

Considering that there were at least 18 different circuit variants used, there is probably more sound variance in the V1 than any other version due to this.

The V1 and V2 (Ram's Head) Big Muffs both spanned a similar range of circuit variants, so in that regard, some V1s sound the same as some V2s, and many do not.

Big Muff Pi ( 1972 EH Freedom Amplifier Little Muff Pi (EH-1008) 1973 Electro Harmonix “ram’s head” Big Muff (Version 2) (1973-77) EH-3003, the "Face Model" Foxey Lady V5 1974 Small Stone Phaser - created by David Cockerell of EMS.(1974/75) Crying Tone Pedal (Wah pedal) '74 chassis.

Knockout Attack EQ, model # EH-3004 1975 Little Big Muff Pi (EH1009) (1975/76) Bad Stone phase shifter. EH-3003/EH-1322, the first op-amp version w/ ON/OFF power switch.

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Produced in both two-knob and three-knob configuration. Years of Production: 1975 - 1981 1976 Electro Harmonix Big Muff (transistor and op-amp) Electric Mistress (a stereo flanger) Deluxe Electric Mistress Memory Man Deluxe Memory Man 1977 Big Muff Version 3. Crying Tone Pedal ('77 Chassis) Mike Matthews Dirt Road Special, EH-7050/1313 (AMP) 1978 Big Muff Version 5.