Dating franchise in the us

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Dating franchise in the us

13, 1731, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Whitmarsh entered into an agreement “for the carrying on of the Business of Printing in Charlestown in South Carolina.” While the agreement is not identical to the modern-day franchise system, many of the most important elements we recognize in franchising today were included.

The term of the agreement was for six years; Whitmarsh was required to manage the business himself.

He was responsible for the expenses of the business — all of the equipment and paper needed for the business were to be purchased from Franklin and Whitmarsh was responsible for maintaining the equipment.

The nobles divided the land among the local farmers who paid a royalty for the right to use the land either as a portion of the crops they grew or the animals they hunted.

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The first modern day franchisor was likely Martha Matilda Harper, a Canadian-American who began to franchise the Harper Method Shops in 1891. Y., she included in her hair care franchise many of the elements we have come to expect in a modern commercial franchise system including initial and continuing training, branded products, field visits, advertising, group insurance and motivation.

Harper started her salon business in 1888 and grew the franchise system to more than 500 salons and training schools at its peak, with the last location closing in 1972.

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For example, the Dutch East India Company (1602) was founded as a franchisee of the Dutch Republic to conduct exploration and trade between the Cape of Good Hope and the Straits of Magellan.