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Garba is also known as Garbi, Garbha, and Garbha deep.

These words have originated from the Sanskrit word “Garbha” which means womb of a woman and “deep” means earthen oil lamps.

Everyone is full attires ready to dance to the beats of dhol or drum or folk songs.

Women wear Chaniya Choli which is three piece attire consisting of Choli or Blouse, a Chaniya or long skirt and a heavy embroidered dupatta.

One of the common confusions of Garba is that it is often related to Dandiya which is also a dance form of Gujarat, but it is performed in Vrindavan in praise of Lord Krishna.

The basic difference between the two dance forms is that Garba is performed in a circular motion with hand movements while Dandiya is performed with colourful sticks.

One of the common notions or beliefs of Garba is that dancers move in circles with different hand and feet movements, the reason behind these circular movements is that they represent the circle o life and death, one who is born has to die one day and on the day of his death he’ll be born again but with a different body.

Earlier these dance forms were performed by Gujarati only, but nowadays it is prevalent all over the world.Garba is the most awaited fair and festival of Gujarat as it is the best nightlife of Gujarat during those days.People from different states and countries come to India or specifically Gujarat to witness this majestic blend of colors and culture.Although, the festival celebrates womanhood; men and women equally participate in Garba and enjoy it thoroughly.Garba not only commemorates fetus and honour of women but has a mythological story too.

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