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The leading US Health portal, it scores over 40 million hits per month.

Sidestep: Searches over 200 travel-relates websites for airfares & the best deals on airfare.

Some information is provided free, other information is available to paid subscribers. Lexis Nexis: Lexis Nexis claims to be the "world’s largest collection of public records, unpublished opinions, forms, legal, news, and business information".

Searchable archive of newspapers, public records & more.

It differentiates itself from algorithmic search engines by tracking and building hand-crafted results for searches. -powered search engine which allows users to register accounts and create search engines that only retrieve results from the websites and blogs they want to include in their search results.

Accoona: A search engine that uses artificial intelligence.

Web Crawler was used to build the first publicly-available full-text index of a subset of the Web.

PBS provides resources to air its standard programming & also provides its audience with multiple online archives of specific video programs.

In addition to traditional searches, it allows business profile searches, and its signature "Super Target" feature.

Partnered with China Daily, a large Chinese portal.

A supporter and contributor to open source software.

Hoovers: A Dun & Bradstreet Company, maintains a database of over 23 million companies.

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All video archives can be searched for any spoken word pronounced in them.