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Dating yard com

Archaeologist John Thomas said: “We have discovered new evidence about a known cemetery that existed outside the walled town of Roman Leicester during the 3rd to 4th Centuries AD.

“The excavation, at the junction of Oxford Street and Newarke Street, lay approximately 130 metres outside the south gate of Roman Leicester, adjacent to one of the main routes into the town from the south.

CBS 19 contacted 54-year-old Moore, but he didn’t want to be interviewed on air.

Tinder launched in 2012 — three years after gay version Grindr.

The Met saw just 18 crimes linked to the apps that year, four of them sex offences.

“Unusually, the 13 burials found during the recent excavations, of mixed age and sex, displayed a variety of burial traditions including east to west and north to south-oriented graves, many with personal items such as finger rings, hairpins, buckles and hob-nailed shoes.” The team’s excavations also revealed the medieval remains of 12th – 13th century quarries, cesspits and middens that would have been dug in the backyards of properties fronting onto Oxford Street, as well as a 17th century ditch running alongside Newarke Street which formed part of the city’s defences during the English Civil War.

FIFTY sex crimes involving dating apps Tinder and Grindr were reported to Scotland Yard in the six months to June.

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Nearby were remains buried in a pagan style, with the body in a north-south orientation, laid on its side in a foetal position, and the head removed and placed near the feet.