Datingfitness com

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Datingfitness com

You probably think that the gym is the last place you would want to find the love of your life.

You’re sweaty, wearing lycra, probably make-up free…

Seriously, she'll hurl them at you faster than a Pokéball.

Despite the seemingly otherworldly qualities she may possess (it's hard to trust someone who can still smile when they're 32 burpees deep), she is human.

but maybe this is just the time to find your next romance.

Your heart is already racing, your blood is already pumping – sparks are bound to fly.

In fact, truth be told, she'll probably ask you for a bite (refer back to point number one) before setting up camp and settling in right alongside you, so you should probably make a couple of batches. Her schedule is tight, but her life and everything in it runs like a well-oiled machine, which is a feat she's damn proud of.It's because it's suddenly become a race against time to ensure she makes it home in time to climb into bed and clock those eight precious hours.If the early bird catches the worm, then the early bird special catches the fit woman.Those bright, bubbly gym bunnies whose job is to make burpee tuck jumps look easy and exercise seem fun.A crazy category all their own, the one thing you can guarantee is life alongside one of these endorphin-chasing fit chicks will never be dull.

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