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Datingsweetheart com

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I am actually dating the president, so within the fraternity is not a problem.

I doubt it would be a problem crossing fraternities, which is even more disconnected.

I never dated any of the brothers, and I was never told whom to date.

Actually, one of the brothers is still one of my best friend's today (I was recently in his wedding).

I treated them all like they were my brothers (I have a bunch of those so it was easy! At the time I was sweetheart to both, I was seeing someone who was a Delta Tau Delta brother. All that just made my campus and the schools around it sound kind of sleazy, didn't it?

The sense of betrayal one feels after being a victim of a sweetheart scam can lead to trust issues (and who can blame them? The majority of dating problems happen when two people are not compatible or there happens to be a lack of communication to a great extent. is one of the most important ingredients to success in a dating relationship.

I was a Pi Lambda Phi sweetheart one year, and Beta Theta Pi the following year (two different campuses, by the way).

In my case(s), it was because I knew a lot of the guys in the house from tutoring (Beta Theta Pi), being in my own GLO, cheerleading and student government (Pi Lambda Phi).

A lot of people simply don't understand the "little sister" thing.

I guess it depends on where you went to school, part of the country, etc.

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Currently, he is dating a girl in a different sorority, and it doesn't really cause too much problem.