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Elisabeth shue dating history

In "Trends with Benefits", Charlie Russell states that Finn was a "drag" the last time she worked with his father, though Russell believes that this time will be different.She is also shown to be extremely comfortable in D. In "Malice in Wonderland", Finn states that she hates weddings as her feet hurt when wearing expensive footwear, though she later attends a wedding ceremony and returns evidence to the victim's husband, demonstrating her sentimental tendencies for the first time.Russell later offers Finn a more permanent position as his assistant supervisor, a job she says she will consider, and later accepts.In "Stealing Home", Finn begins to build strong professional bonds with her colleagues, and also rebuilds her friendship with Russell.Moreno later rescues Finn, while Finn's efforts to disrupt Mc Keen's plans are pivotal to the safe retrieval of both Katie and herself, much to the relief of D. ("Karma to Burn"), though he fails to inform her of his marital difficulties in the following episode ("Code Blue Plate Special").The two are confidantes once again in "It Was A Very Good Year", however, with Finn inquiring as to Barbara Russell's emotional state.In "Seeing Red", Russell recruits Finn from a forensic seminar she is teaching, paying her a modest one dollar consultation fee for her work with the LVPD.

Russell later states that he hopes his optimistic outlook will not affect his friendship with Finn, as he is simply "better at hiding losing faith than she is" ("CSI: Unplugged"), the two later reconcile fully, with Finn spending a lot of time in Russell's office, often sitting in his chair ("Trends with Benefits").Julie "Finn" Finlay is a fictional character on the CBS crime drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, portrayed by Elisabeth Shue.She made her first appearance in the 14th episode of season 12, entitled "Seeing Red", and appeared in every episode during her four seasons as a series regular. Russell, Finlay is a blood spatter specialist, or "blood whisperer".She made her final appearance in the season 15 finale, "The End Game", before subsequently appearing in archive footage on CSI: Cyber On Shue's casting, executive producer Carol Mendelsohn stated, "while it's difficult to say goodbye to a beloved character like Catherine Willows, it's exciting to start a journey with a new CSI, especially when that character is played by Elisabeth Shue." Shue made her first on-screen appearance on February 15, 2012, and her final appearance in newly recorded footage on February 15, 2015, in "The End Game". Despite being Russell's best friend, he was forced to ask for her resignation after she obtained evidence illegally to incriminate an investor suspected of killing a teenaged girl named Janet Warren.Finn was later referenced in "Immortality", the series finale of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, while she appears uncredited in archive footage during Cyber second season episode "Hack E. While the suspect was guilty, it did not stop him from suing Finlay, Russell, and the Seattle Police Department.

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