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Or is there some alternative way of approaching the Finnish groups? My apologies for the lengthy post, but from my experience so far, I think it's time to bring in some fresh thinking... If you have a smartphone I suggest you download tinder.

Its indeed hard for a girl to trust a foreigner here and offcourse culture and they feel more easy to meet someone from the same culture.

They are pleasant and mostly play nice music (even though the beer prices are kinda absurd...)Being a 28-yr old single man, the major motivation for going to pub is to check out the women (ahem! I have read in many places about the difficulty in getting a Finn to chat up with you.

During my nights out, one of the common thing I observed is that in most of these pubs/bar, people always come in groups.

And in almost all cases, it'll be a Finnish group (of men and women) and then it seems really rude and difficult to talk to any of them.

In my half-a-dozen nights out, I haven't seen more than a handful of single women or girl groups.

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These websites may help you for the time being that the age of consent is 16 and when a girl says STOP it means STOP. You can make casual friends with people from many parts of the world and locals who enjoy the company of foreigners if you visit Cafe Mascot on mondays.