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“The one piece of advice that I would give to people in intergenerational relationships in particular is to be very mindful of shame,” Fager said.“Shame can come from multiple angles in stigmatized relationships, from both the straight community and the gay community.Some look at them and see an old man with a thick wallet and a young twink with daddy issues.If you’ve been in one of these relationships, you know that’s rarely the case.This study reveals a new lens to view relationships between midlife to later life adults and their aging parents and parents-in-law and further identifies linkages between solidarity–conflict and ambivalence paradigms.parent–adult child tie is central to both generations across the life course; intergenerational ties have consequences for overall well-being and “provide the context within which individuals age, the way [individuals] mark their own ageing, and the relative value that is attached to that process” (Lowenstein, Katz, & Biggs, 2011, p. Despite the demonstrated significance of intergenerational ties, few studies investigate relationships between midlife to later life gay men and lesbian women and their later life parents—a relationship that may be typified by distinct dynamics due to gay men and lesbian women’s stigmatized sexual minority status (Averett & Jenkins, 2012; Connidis, 2012).

The present study examines how midlife to later life gay men and lesbians in intimate partnerships conceptualize these intergenerational ties.

We all have feelings and opinions about what it means to date someone much older or much younger than us.

If we don’t get in touch with them, they can affect our relationships in negative ways.

I had a preconceived notion of who my first love was supposed to be.

He would be taller with dark hair and masculine features, but no more than five years my senior.

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For Carrier and Keith and numerous other gay couples, it’s the new normal.

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