Ginataang kalabasa with dating

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Growing up, coconut was rarely eaten in our house – except for the shredded version my mom used in desserts or those extremely rare occasions when my dad busted open a hairy, brown coconut.First, he carefully drained the precious coconut water by piercing the coconut eyes (pores) with a hammer and long nail. That time when she was told by Jimmy Santos that she couldn’t have more than one cup of rice. That time when she wanted to reveal she was entertaining moving to ABS-CBN. What she thinks of to help her give a convincing cha-cha number: paksiw na bangus. What she thinks of to help her give a convincing dramatic performance: Jose and Wally finishing her paksiw na bangus. That time when she tried Juan For All, All For Juan and realized her pits couldn’t take the heat outside. That time when she taped for “The Ryzza Mae Show,” “Eat Bulaga!

The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong.

Depending on how thick you want the dish to be, you can either splurge or scrimp on the coconut milk.

Let the coconut milk cover all of the ingredients simmer and voila, you have a tasty ginataan dish.

That time when she didn’t let the 5-day old paksiw na bangus go to waste. That time when she realized 5-day old paksiw na bangus is still kinda delicious. That time when she couldn’t choose her favorite food: ampalaya, paksiw na bangus, ginataang kalabasa. That time when she realized she didn’t have to choose just one. That time when she realized that she was holding an Imelda Papin album and not an Anna Dizon album.

All this food aid distribution can make one hungry…

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