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She continued: "there is this sadness and internal struggle with 'why isn’t my body cooperating' or am I making the right decision etc." "So after crying it out, and being sad about not having a 'vaginal birth' yesterday," Gretchen told her followers.She added: "I asked God to give me a sign that this is the best decision, and he did! As a fashion designer, Gretchen has created her own lines of handbags, luggage, accessories, as well as beauty collections of nail polish and other cosmetics.Gretchen has also amassed a large fanbase online, consisting of more than 800k followers on Instagram, more than 800k followers on Facebook, and more than 700k followers on Twitter. "I am doing good as well." "Of course," she acknowledged. "But for now just focusing on Sky and taking good care of her. She continued: "the Doctor, Slade and I have decided a c-section is going to be the safest thing for me and baby tomorrow." That's safe and smart.

, Rossi was put on a notice of default by Quality Loan Service Corporation; now Rossi and Smiley may lose their family home in a public auction due to the mortgage company claiming she owed ,000 in back payments.

Later in the evening, very briefly, Lauri Waring showed up to sit next to Vicki and talk about her son, Josh, who should be getting out of jail soon. Jeana asked what does it matter if Gretchen is dating the guy?

I'm fond of the moment when Gretchen said she didn't know who Florence Nightingale was, never mind “All About Eve” – “Is that Adam and Eve? “Tamra, this is Jay.” He told Tamra that Gretchen dumped him by the side of the road at 1 a.m. Tamra: “It's about moral character.”HAHAHAHAHAHAHAGretchen asked if it's the same moral character that had Tamra get her “naked wasted” and sicked Ryan on her.

" "He literally had so many of my friends reach out to me yesterday and put me at ease about a potential c-section," Gretchen noted.

"(And they didn’t even know what had happened at the appt.)," she reminded her fans.

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The two began dating only a short time after the death of Rossi’s fiancé, and Smiley’s split from another housewife.

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