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Hes moving away dating

How far away is he moving and are you capable of continuing the relationship over a distance?Big distances create big time differences, are too impractical for weekend visits, and are costly.

Additionally, I'm not sure I'd even assume he hadn't known this whole time that he'd be booking it out of there but simply didn't want to limit his options by disclosing upfront to women that he'd be leaving soon.He is overly cautious as far as dating goes, so it is possible that he is going to be alone for a while (never assume, but...). Should I tell him that I'm in love with him before he leaves? I get a bit over a month off every winter and, prior to getting locked down, used to travel home and date for fun during that time.I know that I need to get over him (and I know that I can; unfortunately, I get over people quickly), but somehow I don't want to be over him. Would it be creepy to tell him that I want to stay in touch after he moves? I figure, worst that can happen is that I'll embarrass myself. Also, would it be desperate to come visit him a few months after he moves? If I'm completely honest, during an extended vacation to Mexico City, I met a lady who, were it not for the fact I had no intention to stick around, might well have been a match on par with my current lady.All of a sudden, you start getting pessimistic and doubtful about the future of your relationship. Instead of popping champagne bottles, you are constantly wondering about your future as a couple. Anyone facing this situation would feel the same (unless they don’t have feelings for their partner). When I started dating my boyfriend, he had to leave India very soon — his company had shut down, he was not able to find another job in a short period of time (they were not willing to employ non-citizens), hence he couldn’t get a visa.All of a sudden, you are forced to evaluate your relationship and make a decision if it’s worth continuing your love story. First and foremost, understand that asking him to choose between a new life in another place and you is just plain wrong. He did his best looking for jobs, but we slowly understood that staying in India was unlikely to happen. He couldn’t avoid the move, and we were definitely not ready to end our relationship. Did he get a temporary job project assignment for one year and has to move abroad to complete it? If he knows that he will come back, here’s the solution: wait for him…

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I have never had anyone else look at me the way he looks at me. He is not the type to attract a lot of females and has not had any relationships longer than a year. And the thing is, just three dates in, we don't know if he'd even be able to check that box off, never mind the sheer physical inaccessibility.