If two blind people dating

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If two blind people dating

He lost his vision in a shop accident, but that didn’t stop him from tinkering and building things.

In fact, it gave him an edge that sighted inventors lack.

As it turned out, Joe wasn’t the only one to figure out the phone lines.

In the 1970s, “phreaking” (the term for tinkering with the phone system) was a regular hacker activity, and Engressia became one of their leaders.

According to the World Health Organization, there were 39 million blind people on the planet in 2013.Some of these tech-savvy kids, like Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, went onto greatness. Though he had an IQ of 172, a rough home life coupled with sexual abuse by a teacher totally messed with his mind.During his later life, Engressia changed his name to “Joybubbles” and insisted he was five years old. Rogers tapes religiously, collected toys, talked to imaginary friends, and lived off Social Security checks.During the 1940s, he invented one of the most useful features in your automobile: cruise control.That’s extremely impressive, considering that Teetor went blind at age five.

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Obviously, this was very illegal, and Engressia was arrested twice.