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Memebase dating

Looking for singles memes because you've been alone for what feels like ages? It would be better to invest your time loving yourself, and looking at dumb memes. We know that men aren't the only ones who throw common sense out the window, or seem to approach life and relationships with a...unique...worldview.There are thousands of people complaining about the same thing. You know there are tons of people moaning about their irritating bosses. As a reward for making it all the way to Wednesday, we've put together this fine assortment of memes and tweets to help make your life feel a little less pathetic. It's been a few months since he blocked and then unblocked you. But damn, these 22 dudes really went above and beyond to make us face palm, laugh and smile. If you're craving more masculine humor, these 26 manly memes are here to satisfy you where these guys may have fallen short. We're on day two of another pointless and painful week.Check out some of these funny memes and pics made just for your pleasure and entertainment, or take a laughing challenge and see how long you can go through these hilarious memes without busting a gut. These tweets just scream "It me." Whether you're desperately single, or just struggling to get through the daily struggles of life, there's probably a tweet in here for you. Relationships can be great, but they can also have their trials and tribulations."Every Straight Girl on this Site" is a tweet that refers to women who have positive qualities who date men with negative qualities.The original tweet was specifically about women who live in beautiful apartments dating men who sleep on a dirty, disgusting mattress on the floor.What could be better on a list of the day's funniest memes.

For more, visit her instagram / Websiteweb Featuring a dogs, Kanye West, Donald Trump and (of course) fidget spinners.

People started out with serious suggestions of things women want to hear, but it quickly turned hilariously sarcastic.

With her project Tinder Diaries, the American artist Audrey Jones, shows with a lot of humor the conversations with her Tinder matches, offering an offbeat reflection on human relationships and seduction in the digital realm.

Whatever ails you, you can bet that someone has composed a funny tweet about it. As the days drag on and our morale sinks, our only respite is the dumb hilarity of these assorted memes, tweets, and funny pictures. The internet and smartphones have done wonders for the world of dating.

We now have the opportunity to take our absolute lack of shame and morals outside of our local bar and use them to lure similarly filth-minded individuals into our bedrooms.

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Need more that really have a nice subtle nuance to their humor.

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