Military dating beard

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In the simplest terms it’s a pointed beard that traces the jawline with an added mustache.It starts with facial hair extending along the jawline and is finished with a styled point at the bottom.For face types, the Balbo is best suited for gentlemen with round or square faces considering how well it accentuates the chin.

If the name wasn’t obvious enough, this beard style resembles a ship’s anchor.

The end result should bear some semblance to an upside down letter “T”.

Consider it a combination of the goatee, handlebar mustache and chinstrap if you like.

Closely associated with fascists, he served as a henchman for Mussolini during World War II.

Interestingly enough, during the 30’s and 40’s the term “Balbo” itself was actually a way to define a giant formation of aircraft.

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Of course, you’ll also pick up some cool historical knowledge about each look while digging in too.