Moon geun young dating

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Moon geun young dating

Have some MVs and Tae Do-Jung Yi scenes from Go F just to experience the Geun Bum chemistry if you missed it the first time around.

i know that this is too late to write since they have admitted since the 1st of november...( will not gonna be november rain anymore but november love).

Kim Bum’s King Kong Entertainment confirmed that the former boyfriend is the father.

Kim Sang-bum, known by the stage name Kim Bum, 27, has been dating “the nation’s little sister,” since October last year after their first meeting in July of the same year.

finally this two birds can't hold their feeling anymore.sparkling between them when they were on the set of Goddess of Fire was too obvious...(me..shipper of them) .

it was kim bum that obviously show his interest to moonie...n moonie with her shyness seems to interest to him also...thats what the old says "eyes would never lie" has obviously drawn on their eyes when they were filming the drama.

lol..wait for the other news about this heavenly couple..

the nation' little sister finally found her soulmate!!

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It you remember, the two were rumored to have gone on vacation together when the dating rumors broke out, and although their agencies did not actually address that part, it seems they were true as the couple were spotted overseas.

When the news broke yesterday, her agency also making the same confirmation.

Looks like they want to go public, and I couldn’t be happier.

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