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Ideas in hand, in 1945 Kaman launched out on his own and started the Kaman Corporation.

For two decades he built a successful business in military helicopters. Diversification Kaman was experienced in making items of wood, metal, and high-tech material requiring high tolerances.

Business thrived until, as the Vietnam war was heating up, Secretary of Defense Robert S. He considered expanding the business into everything from surfboards to sailboats, candy packaging machines to Winnebagos, but these industries were all well-established and well-financed. Kaman continued to play guitar during his building of the helicopter business.

It certainly worked that way for Charlie Kaman, whose choice of paths ultimately led to the synthesis (in more ways than one! At 12 or 13, Kaman began playing an old Stella acoustic guitar, later switching to a Martin C-7. C., studying aeronautical engineering, and his guitar fix was supplied by playing clubs with a little jazz combo in his spare time.

Except for using Carter’s book to confirm some dates and a few details, most of the information presented here was gathered independently prior to publication of that book.

The Road Not Taken In a way, the Ovation story (to use Robert Frost’s famous metaphor) is one of roads not taken.

Although I don't profess to be an expert on all things Ovation, I do have a passion for their artistic and sonic beauty which I hope you will share.

My collection is always evolving, at one point numbering over 75 guitars.

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This is my personal website for displaying photos of my various Ovation guitars.