Pipix updating minecraft

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Pipix updating minecraft

I personally feel that using a launcher is the easiest way for someone who is new to modded Minecraft to start out.Not only is it easy to install but it also lets them pick and play popular mod packs and mods.They are also the company that hosts this and many other forums for games.I will also point out that I am not in anyway saying this is the "best or only" way of installing mods. Head on over to and click on the big DOWNLOAD NOW button.Not to mention that manually installing forge to your default Minecraft directory limits you greatly.You will only have 1 mod directory making it hard to swap out mods or try new ones, no mod packs, and worst part is that it may mess up any worlds you have already been playing if you just start dumping mods into your vanilla install.If a User Account Control window pops up click Yes.When the install is finished click on Launch Curse.

To install mods we first have to make a Custom Profile or Instance of the Game, you can have as many of these Profiles as you want, so feel free to try out different combinations of mods. Click on Custom Profile above were it says Install Modpack.

I am simply trying to instruct people from my own personal experience "I have manually installed mods into my jar, installed forge many times, and used many different launchers" on the easiest way I have found to quickly get set up and start playing modded Minecraft. This will download the setup program for the Curse Voice Launcher.

Once the download is compleat open up the installer and click on Install.

You can then login if you have a Curse account or you can Register a new one.

"Make sure to use your Curse login not your Minecraft login" Most computers will already have Direct X installed, but if a window pops up that says you are missing Direct X Components Click the Spoiler If this window pops up just click the Repair button and it will begin the Direct X install.

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