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How do you disable the Java Update Needed prompt that comes up every time a user launches an application that requires Java?

I synaptic you can freeze the version of a specific package I'm not a 100% sure as to whether this will amend apt-get but it will definately stop update manager.

Using the same SQL statement is beneficial when using JDBC statement caching.

However, if the database table is heavily indexed, we don’t want to update certain index entries that have not been modified, as explained by Markus Winand.

I deleted everything Mozilla again, re-installed v51, told it not to install the sneaky background service, checked the never update box, went into the about:config and made sure the setting really said not to update, then went into the file to triple check that it really really wouldn't be set to sneak in an update, and then went and double checked that the sneaky background service wasn't installed, then made sure it didn't have any pending updates anywhere.

Ran it fine for a day, it crashed, and when I restarted it, surprise, surprise I'm on v54.

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I personally find it more useful than the Software Center... :) Adding details to @soger's comments relative to Ubuntu 16.04.