Pshycology dating compatibility test

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Pshycology dating compatibility test

At first, this pattern may seem comfortable and familiar based on the position we adopted in our families.

The most important thing to consider in your decision is to choose someone you really like being around.

People often make the mistake of assuming there is only one person or “soul mate” out there for them, and they believe that that person will complement them in every way.

The problem is they may use this idea to reject potential partners who don’t fit the image of the person they think they should be with.

Whatever “natural temperament” you have (be it genetic or astrological), you have the power to shape who you are and to change qualities you don’t like or that keep you from getting close to someone.

There is no single person on the planet you will be compatible with in every way.

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We tend to chose partners who treat us like we were treated in our family, so our adaptations fit.

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