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Purity while dating

Bolz-Weber’s theology prioritizes the Bible’s message of grace over prescriptive lifestyle teachings.

Some readers find her message of sexual acceptance incredibly healing.

(Although, this assumes that all young Christians Godly parents available to oversee a courtship process.) He personally had great success finding a Godly wife through his method and assured his 1.2 million readers that his romantic prescription would also deliver similar success for them.

Harris issued a statement in response to critics about a year ago that seemed to imply people had misinterpreted what he was trying to communicate in his book. Now, however, he’s taken a giant step forward with a new statement.Others find that it strays too far from traditional Evangelical values.Regardless of your feelings about Bolz-Weber’s position, she’s proven to resonate with large swaths of Christians who felt damaged by the black-and-white messaging of the 1990’s True Love Waits movement.However, different Christians define sexual immorality differently. Is the ideal person to teach a child about sex their youth pastor? When the church gets hyper-focused on trying to instill purity values within its community, what happens to those who feel ostracized by the teachings?RELATED CONTENT: Christian Universities and Homosexuality—What to Do? These questions are complex and in recent years, there’s been growing concern that mainstream Christian teachings on sexual purity may be causing harm.

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If nothing else, it’s proof that people really can change.

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