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We would use the [2-3] range followed by the any option % with the next set of numbers specified [15] followed by another any option %.This shows us that we can check for a range of numbers and allow for any set of numbers to follow while also checking for another range of numbers within the same row of data.Developers tend to round up or down, which may not matter in some situations, but be careful about this.Sometimes this can be costly, so using techniques like this can help us when weve obtained data from an ETL source and we want to validate decimal length. We can apply regular expressions using the special character for the negative symbol [-] and find all the values, whether decimal, integer or varchar that lead with a negative.

In some cases, identifiers will use all three types of characters: numbers, alphabetic, and special characters, though sometimes we only have two of the three.

When we query for data beyond a decimal point, we introduce special characters, as the period [.] is a special character.

SELECT * FROM alphanumreg WHERE Alphabetic Num LIKE '%[.][0-9][0-9]' SELECT * FROM alphanumreg WHERE Alphabetic Num LIKE '%[.][0-9][0-9][0-9]' SELECT Alphabetic Num FROM alphanumreg WHERE Alphabetic Num LIKE '%[.][0-9][0-9]%' As we see, the second query returns nothing, as no Alphabetic Num column has three decimal places that meets this requirement.

What if we want to check if a data row begins with a number and also has another combination of numbers as well?

What about decimal precision, such as getting all the data with up to four decimal places, or three?

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The previous section dealt primarily with validating strings; albeit, some of the strings were composed entirely of digits.

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