Romeo and juliet dating and friendship club

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Romeo and juliet dating and friendship club

This may make the audience feel that Shakespeare is foreshadowing that love wont be as easy and because Romeo s angry it may hint to the audience that it is something to do with his actions.

Shakespeare presents Romeo and Venison’s friendship as a caring and reliable friendship.

Shakespeare presents Romeo and Americium’s friendship as frivolous and light- hearted but caring.

Shakespeare shows this through the dialogue when Mercuric says, “Nay gentle, Romeo, we must have you dance.

Romeo, but is said by Mercuric through humor showing the audience how light-hearted and frivolous Mercuric is.

This is shown to the audience by Shakespeare when Mercuric says,” you are a lover borrow cupid’s wings and soar with them above common bound.Shakespeare uses the metaphor, “Prick love for pricking And you beat love down.” This metaphor is used by Shakespeare to imply that, again, he is giving him advice to move on which shows even more care in their friendship.This is shown through the dialogue by Shakespeare when Benevolent says,” I’ll pay that doctrine or else die in debt.” Benevolent is the more emotional friend who you would rely on as he cares for Romeos sensitive side and his emotions.

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