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AI smarts like sentiment and mood tracking could then be used to grade the readiness of a job applicant.

Other changes to Skype available in preview today include the ability to embed web chat — either human or bot — right on a website.

The biggest misconception that arises is that a chatbot is a bot that converses with a human in the way that another human would converse with a human.

The second misconception is that a chatbot communicates using only text or voice.

Businesses want to find ways to deliver their messages and services in the place that the consumers are, which is on chat platforms. The concept of the conversation is central to a chatbot.

A chatbot can and does converse with a human but as mentioned previously it’s capabilities are limited.

Actually chatbots allow users to interact with them via graphical interfaces or graphical widgets, and the trend is in this direction.

Many chat platforms including We Chat, Facebook Messenger and Kik allow web views on which developers can create completely customized graphical interfaces.

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