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This one came to me by auction and I gave very little for it at the time.

I have no idea of the history of this pipe other than I have owned it for about six years now.

Typically for me, a conical bowl will warm up drastically as I get closer to the bottom of the bowl while smoking the pipe.

This means having to take my time at the end of the bowl and relaxing to enjoy the last of the charge.

Erik has very exacting standards for the briar he uses, only selecting blocks which come from high up on the hillsides from which they're harvested.

From traditional shapes to freehands, there's something for everyone.

Blog by Steve Laug Early in August I received an email from an interesting woman on Vancouver Island regarding some pipes that she had for sale.They arrived quite quickly and when they did I opened the box and found she had added three more pipes – a Brigham, a Dr. There was also a wooden cigar box in the package that housed the Calich pipes.They are all lovely looking freehand style shapes – even the two apple shaped pipes had a freehand twist to them.One morning a guy that looked like he was dirt poor started chatting with John.He pulled out his cheap pipe and stuffed it too full of the expensive tobacco and then asked John for a light.

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I haven’t really been giving it the attention it deserves lately but I pulled it off the rack yesterday and it surprised me once again. I remember having to clean a lot of tar and gunk out of the airway when I got this pipe and I am particular with it when I clean it now.