Team fortress 2 always updating

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Of course, being Free To Play and not having any Pay to Win elements does help. Both PAYDAY 2 and Warframe, two games regularly talked about here, often rival Team Fortress 2 in terms of player count. No generic themed update with a crate and a few new maps. That’s how PAYDAY 2 and Warframe both got boosts in players. It reaches a point where people no longer really care. Valve are content to leave us hanging for eternity.Plus the fact that it’s a silly, not at all serious shooter that kids can play helps a lot too… Team Fortress 2 used to be lodged in at number 3 on Top Games By Player Count, but now it hovers around anywhere below number 5 – the situation having made to look worse ever since PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS suddenly topped the scoreboard. They are regularly updated, easily accessible and seem to have things actually going on inside them. Complete silence has worked for them in the past, why stop now?For me, it's not the language or accent he speaks in, but the accordion that plays when he picks up the photo of him and the Scout's mom. (Momus (talk) , 3 August 2009 (UTC)) Unquestionably French.Lets remember that the characters are blatant stereotypes and the absurd number of french references (even cigarette smoking) should not be overanalyzed .Team Fortress 2 isn't overly elaborate about character development and mystery, and delving into convoluted and technical hypothesis regarding the possibility of his accent being false seems somewhat fanboy-ish.If it's really a problem, somebody should e-mail Valve and ask for a definitive answer that can be cited since "ambiguous origins" is equally speculative.Prokhorovka (talk) , (UTC) Considering the wide variety of languages he speaks in game, the fact that he perfectly replicates a Scout's voice (I don't know if that's an effect of the disguise, does it really matter?

All other accents except the pyro can be sourced, this one can't. It's like me saying "I are going to edit Wikipedia" - although incorrect, it's still English.

Article 13 is a provision in the proposed EU Copyright Directive mandating that all content uploaded to the internet be monitored and potentially deleted if a likeness to existing copyrighted content is detected.

This is a fucking retarded idea that could very easily be abused by corporations with armies of lawyers.

Or why not just use the French voice talents, who did TF2 french voices? Valve did a real great job everywhere, I am surprised they would not on the spy :) As an Australian, I can tell you that they didn't do a great job on every other character's voice.

Why not ask those who translated TF2 in French to verify just this little sentence? I spent a lot of time trying to get where he'd come from, I even extracted the spy sounds from the CGF files so that I could hear them all, and could not get it. Is that to say the sniper is just "pretending" to be Australian as well? It's like a bunch of bureaucrats arguing over whether or not a form should be signed at the top or at the bottom when the form is self explanatory and barely relevant in itself. Someone has changed the Spy to French, but I don't see a consensus here on talk (and if the poster above is correct, such a consensus is impossible as the Spy would appear to be intentionally of ambiguous origins.

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This is bad and we need to get our Members of the European Parliament to vote against it.