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Updating lotro

Wood Elves do not have their own racial past life, but rather can complete an Elven past life, and have different starting stats, along with several new enhancements.

Wood Elves are free to VIPs, and available to purchase in the DDO Store. New random loot cloaks will have a visual, and named cloaks both new and old have visuals as well.

Anyone who owns the Dragonblood Prophecy adventure pack, or who is VIP, can automatically run the raid.

We're excited to put these important parts of Dwarf culture and history on the map.

We've been enjoying exploring Northern Mirkwood, the "There" part of "There and Back Again".

We plan to continue our expansion of the broader region throughout the year.

The Grey Mountains, The Iron Hills, and an expanded Erebor will all be coming to LOTRO in Update 23.

Check out the new areas in the preview videos below!

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Full groups will also be able to enter into the more dangerous tiers of these adventures.

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