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Updating multiple blogs at once

To update the Status of Checked Items to “Done”, when the source and destination table column names are the same, here is the formula For All(Checked Items, Patch(Checklist Items Source, Look Up(Checklist Items Source, Id = Checked Items[@Id]),)) For each item in the Checked Items collection, we compare its Id (represented by the disambiguation operator Checked Items[@Id]) against the Id column of Checklist Items Source collection and update each matched record with the Status as “Done”.

The disambiguation operator is used when two columns belonging to different tables have the same name.

For All(New Checklist Items, Patch(Checklist Items Source, Defaults(Checklist Items Source),)) For each item in the New Checklist Items, we are creating a new record (indicated by Defaults(Checklist Items Source)) in the Checklist Items Source collection.Below is the excel screenshot containing the Checklist items. On the On Start, I collect the excel Checklist Items data into Checklist Items Source collection.My table on the excel is called as Checklist Items. Throughout the application we will use the Checklist Items Source as our source data.The condition is a comparison between similar columns(i.e. And this comparison is hard when the source table and the destination table have the same column names( E.g. Most people run into an issue where only the first record gets updated.Let’s look at a few examples on how to achieve this easily.

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I’ve created a simple checklist where I can check off tasks related to my blogging or posting on social media.

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