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Updating my hair style

So I should get both regular glasses and sunglasses in the beginning of next week.

If you go for a layered bob, make sure it is styled to shows off your dynamic cut.

I’ve already been washing out the colour as much as possible with shampoo dye removers, they’re a bit meh but slowly working.

For the main colour I’ve decided to go with this vibrant purple, Colour Freedom Mystic Purple*, I’ve actually bought 3 boxes of this to cover 3/4s of my hair.

Opt for the wispy bangs reaching your eyebrows, like Kris Jenner or Lisa Rinna styles, or soft side waves like Kathy Hilton’s bangs, for instance.

If you hair is fine, it’s better to try a short-to-medium version of a bob haircut or cheeky pixie hairstyles with some teasing at the roots for the added volume.

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Currently, I’m in the middle of changing my style, or maybe you could call it refining my style so it’s more how I want it.

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