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Only Sponsor/Kafeel or Authorised user can use this E-service.So, if you want to get your Passport information updated contact your Kafeel or Authorized person who can do it through the App itself. Well, the optical character recognition is the first few digits of a long code written at the bottom of the main page of your passport.Generally, airline officers scan optical character recognition number of your passport to issue you a boarding pass.While doing the Naqal Maloomat or updating the dependent information in Abhser, keep in mind that the passport issuance country is not Saudi Arabia, in fact, it is your home country.

Absher application now allows Sponsors or Kafeels to updated their domestic workers passport data and update dependents into the Ministry of Interior (MOI) systems.

Keeping your passport data upto date is important and its not possibe to travel out of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia if your passport is having incorrect information or if the passport is expired if not updated in the MOI.– Download & Install Absher Application in your Mobile – Open Absher App and go to E-Services option from the top menu – Select ‘Passports‘ from the left menu adn select ‘Update Resident Passport information‘.

– Click on ‘Start using Service‘ then click on ‘Dependent List’ and select the dependent for whose information you want to update, then click on Next.

In some cases, you would not be allowed to update dependent passport details in Absher due to some error.

The system would require you to visit the Jawazat office to update dependent passport details in Absher.

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– You’ll be able to enter all the passport details such as Passport number, Date of Issuance, Epiry Date and City where the new passport is issued.

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