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Posted by / 30-May-2019 07:24

Everything I look at seems to imply XSL files (I think) are needed.I want to load a file using the SAXBuilder, change the value of some elements or attributes, and save back the updated version of the XML file. If, however, you read the file with DOM (no expereince with JDOM), you have a structured object with the entire contents. SAXBuilder is a JDOM class, which uses SAX parser internally. You can update any node, add new nodes, add/change attributes. produce XML (String or Elements) from my java-classes 4.

I then select a file and add the file details to a xml file.

But I know that my add File Element(..) method is correct since if I use the following code , I am able to write to a xml file: uploaded File Element("xml.java","directory","size"); So does anyone know why my add File Element(...) is not working properly.

After upgrading Java, if you do not update the Java path, you may face some challenges while upgrading from an older version.

That's because XML has emerged as the standard for exchanging data across disparate systems, and Java technology provides a platform for building portable applications.

This partnership is particularly important for Web services, which promise users and application developers program functionality on demand from anywhere to anywhere on the Web.

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