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Vintage tupperware dating

It’s important to regularly inspect your kitchen tools and accessories not just for aesthetics but also for you and your families safety.That Tupperware container you inherited from your mom that’s 15 years old may not be as safe as you think.When you dry dishes here and there it doesn’t seem like a towel could get dirty so quickly but it actually can.We often use dish towels to dry dishes, wipe up counters or spills on the floor but keep in mind everytime it touches an area that has had dirty food, a beverage spill or what have you that bacteria will slowly build up over time.If you have a bad habit of cutting up your lettuce on the same cutting board you cut your raw chicken on, let me stop you right there. Anything that touches food, especially foods that could sauce sickness (raw meets even raw veggies) can be a source of contamination.Some believe plastic cutting boards are cleaner and safer than wooden cutting boards but this isn’t always the case.Play It Safe: When it’s worn 4 If you go into any household you will often find some sort of non-stick pots and pans. They are easy to clean due to its coating that prevents food from bonding to the surface.

Since you can’t really wash your sponge in the laundry, as long as you leave it next to the sink for dishwashing purposes only you can hold onto it for a week or two.Furthermore, dishcloths often sit in the sink for too long too.Bacteria thrives in wet environments which makes the kitchen sink the perfect target.Lastly, try not to clean your kitchen counters with a sponge and use a cloth you can launder or paper towels you can compost.Play It Safe: Biweekly at most 3 For starters, it is extremely important to designate different cuttings boards for different types of food.

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Tupperware Brands Corporation manfactured these Wonderlier Bowls in the 1960s.