Who is holly near dating

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Who is holly near dating

She started her own record label, Redwood Records, and released her first album in 1973.

But I've got one song to play that precedes what we talked about.

We learned about spirituality and religion, and racism.

The things that go on in the world on a global level all of course affect women, but first there was this kind of enthusiasm coming out of the predominately white middle class women's movement about this new feminism.

I had not identified as a lesbian growing up, even secretly or privately.

And I actually think that song was very successful in that regard. Up next is another of Holly's most powerful and most known songs, which is I think is a celebratory anthem.

This is perhaps the first time this song has been heard on the radio, and that's probably a good thing, but I love historical obscurities, so I can't resist sharing just a little bit of what is, as far as I know, her first recorded song.

It's called "On the Moon." You know what, there are two more verses but I think you have the idea, and I'd rather get to the part where I get to ask Holly to discuss particular songs. So, to counterbalance some of that, because I wanted people to know it was, I was not just coming from a rhetorical place, but a personal place, I also tried to write some personal songs, that when I was singing to the audiences, that would invite them into me a little bit.

The earliest one I asked her to talk about was the title track from her 1976 album "You Can Know All I Am."HN: When I was first writing songs I had just come back from a trip in the Pacific, to Okinawa, Japan, Hiroshima, Hawaii, where soldiers were resisting war and racism from within the military. I came back from that trip, and I started writing political songs, very outspoken political songs, using words like genocide in a song, no more genocide, talking about what was happening in the U. And "You Can Know All I Am" was one of the songs where I tried to step outside of global political issues and sing something that was very personal and intimate.

HN: When I first started working with women musicians, in California predominately, it was relatively new…we would try to go to this club, the Troubadour in Los Angeles… Cris Williamson and I tried, Wendy Waldman and I tried, to do joint concerts there and they said, oh, two women can't do a show together. And we said why, and they said it would be competitive, like, who would go first.

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I'm going to chime in that if you asked me to suggest just one album by Holly for you to buy, for me, as a champion of women's music, I would have to pick a double CD from 2000 called "Simply Love." It's subtitled "The Women's Music Collection," and includes many of the songs I ask Holly to talk about.

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