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The normally private actor opened up about his romance in a new piece for The New York Times, revealing that he and his Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix moved in together Photo: Getty Images While the 42-year-old actor remained fairly reserved about how long they have been sharing a home, he did divulge some tidbits on how the duo spends their private time there.

Fans might be surprised to learn that the two A-listers lead a remarkably simple life.

Additionally, both are vegans and passionate animal rights activists. It’s also worth noting, the couple has been frequently spotted out and about together lately. “Rooney Mara re-lists plush LA pad for .45 million after moving in with boyfriend Joaquin Phoenix.” Daily Mail.

In the past few months alone, the two have traveled together to Rome, London and New York, where Ellis, Bret Easton.

Karate is really Joaquin’s thing, he’s been spotted at it before, a lot.

also speculated on Wednesday that the two might be engaged, given the large diamond ring Mara sported while running errands on Friday.

A., which includes going to bed and waking up early. “Inside Joaquin Phoenix’s life as a recluse.” New York Post.

The actor further noted that the two enjoy meditating and watching Netflix documentaries together.

The magazine’s additional claim about the couple having “clashing personalities” isn’t true either. “Joaquin Phoenix is supported by girlfriend Rooney Mara at premiere of You Were Never Really Here.” Daily Mail. For one thing, according to Joaquin, bedtime is usually 9 p.m. When he’s not working, the star mentioned that he expels much of his time completing ordinary activities at home.GALLERY: THE HOTTEST NEW CELEB COUPLES OF 2017Among the daily happenings that Joaquin revealed were: catching up on emails, meditating, “chilling” with his dog, taking karate classes, reading scripts, and, of course, eating.set), and now that they know each other in the biblical sense, they are taking their relationship to the next level: karate classes.Soon they might even combine these martial arts with some marital ones if you know what I mean (yes, you do).

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Mara, 34, has been spotted a few times with a massive diamond ring on finger while she jetted around Los Angeles.