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When meeting with fans or interviewers, Cruise is nearly always polite, gracious, and generous.

He even maintained his composure when he was squirted by a prankster at his premiere.

What many find the most intriguing, perhaps, is his relationship with his biological daughter, Suri, with whom he hasn’t been photographed in over half a decade.

Check out these 20 facts about Tom Cruise’s life after Katie Holmes.

There’d be no point in doing all that exercise if you got home and ate pizzas and burgers every night, right?

Cruise’s other trick to staying in shape is watching what he eats very carefully.

But after his highly publicized 2012 split from ex-wife Katie Holmes, fans began to wonder if there was more to the movie star than it appeared.

Cruise has tried to convert fellow A-listers Will Smith and David Beckham to take up the sport too and invites them to fencing catch-ups.

Being one of the most recognizeable movie stars in existence, Tom Cruise is often associated with Hollywood. In 2016, he sold his properties in Beverly Hills, including his million compound, according to .

After that, he bought a penthouse in Clearwater, Florida, where his son Connor also lives.

“We don’t get enough time for hanging out, just us three guys, so this is his way of getting together and bonding,” explained Smith.

We’re sure all that fencing helps to prepare Cruise for his demanding roles, and Will and David probably benefit, too.

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Many sources claim that Cruise has been single for a significant amount of time, but there have also been claims that when he dates, he’s serious about it.

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